The Box O' Chicken Portfolio

The epic Box O'Chicken is two dozen limited edition woodcut prints about damn Chickens for Godsake in a custom box for 350 bucks!!! Inspired by Brooklyn's legendary Union Picnic and delicious Fried Chicken. Never before has anyone assembled such a high octane, lo-fi homage to the Ancient and Strange Bird of Birds. The set contains prints by Bill Fick, Swoon, Charlie Hewitt, David Ellis, Laura Lashley, Maya Hayuk, Martin Mazorra, Mike Houston, Alice Helander,Chuck Webster, Joel Dugan, Eric Knisley, Madsaki, Youme Landowne, JK5, Yuri SHimojo, Sean Star Wars, Dennis McNett, Bill McRight, Joseph Velasquez, Marcia Neblett, Alex Lebedev and Chris Cardinale . Now that is something to crow about!